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Rangar Purje, PhD

The RESPONSIBILITY THEORY® and the NEUROSCIENCE of SELF-EMPOWERMENT program is based research undertaken in the fields of neuroscience, brain plasticity, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, education.

It has also been influenced by my life experiences. These experiences include my neuroscience Doctoral Dissertation; my three Master of Education degrees (Education; Guidance and Counselling; Leadership and Management); two Bachelor degrees (Physical Education; Psychology); five postgraduate awards (Education; Sports Science; Exercise and Sports Sciences; Communication; Health Counselling).

My Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. I have been in the profession of education and pedagogy for more than 40 years, both at the primary and secondary school level.

This now also includes my position as an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education and the Arts at CQUniversity, specialising in classroom behaviour management.

My thinking and my life have also been significantly influenced with my more than 50-year ongoing daily practice and training in the traditional Okinawan and Japanese martial art of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do.

This karate experience includes sports karate, winning an Australian Championship Title, and officiating at World Sports Karate Championships.

All of these experiences have two applicable universal conditions:

(1) Listen to the expert;

(2) Work hard.

You are responsible for what you think, so, say, choose and learn; you are also responsible for the consequences of your choices.

The purpose of this program is to help you understand your responsibilities and power, with the hope that you will always choose wisely.

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