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More Open RoundTable Events, Cohorts in Applied Neuroscience and Short Courses Are Lined Up. Want to get notified?

Attend Our Next Open RoundTable

Every month, we offer interested parties an opportunity to join an Open to Public RoundTable Event and experience one of our discussions. 

To get access to all our events simply benefit from the free trial and join our community of expert learners.

Monthly Dates @ 12pm EST & 7pm AEDT 

We'll discuss the meaning, the competencies and practical applications of neuroscience in coaching and education

Monthly Dates at 12pm EST & 7pm AEDT 

Learn about the Neuroplastician Certification by ION based on previous training and experience in a small group setting.

2024, February 8, 12pm PST

Unlock the Power of Neuroplasticity in Coaching in 4 FREE interactive workshops with Dr. JJ Kennedy.

2024, February 19th, 11am PST

We’ll discuss my philosophy and beliefs on creating more creative, fulfilling and meaningful workplaces using simple neuroscientific principles.

Get an Impression 

Watch a replay of one of our Round Table Events and join us to help us set the standards of our discipline in Applied Neuroscience.

Roundtable: Intro to the Neuropsychological Safety 

Round Table: BFTA- Leading businesses with BS (Brain Science)

Roundtable: Leadership and Learning: A Neuroscience Lens

Round Table: Neuro Coaching Hub - What is Neuro Coaching and what value does it bring?

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