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BearBridge Group

The BearBridge Group is a specialist consulting group that helps people "Unblock minds, rewire brains and powers up purposes’’.

Barry Downing

Limiting beliefs have a direct impact on the brain's ability to function optimally.

The research about negative beliefs is now clearly explained by neuroplasticity.

In order to address this growing area of concern, the BearBridge Group has defined the protocols that are most effective to improve neuroplasticity and to help people overcome limiting beliefs.

To address the growing demand to upskill practitioners, the Group offers certifications in the Fundamentals of Neuroplasticity for the Neuroplastican™ as well as how the neuroplastician can apply neurofeedback as a certification in Neurofeedback for the Neuroplactian™.

Both these certifications form modules as part of an MSc. in Applied Neuroscience.

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