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Life Coaching Group LLC

Our company provides Brain Boost coaching services, a cutting-edge approach to leadership development that uses neuroscience principles to help individuals optimize their brain function and achieve their goals.

Marlene Gonzales

Neuropsychological coaching is a powerful tool that helps individuals understand how their brains function and how to optimize their cognitive abilities.

The brain is responsible for our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and understanding how it works can help leaders to make better decisions, improve communication skills, and enhance their overall performance.


Neuropsychological coaching is a process of coaching that uses neuroscience principles to help individuals optimize their brain function and achieve their goals. It combines brain anatomy, physiology, and psychology knowledge to help individuals improve their cognitive abilities, enhance emotional intelligence, and develop new habits that lead to success.

Why is it important for leaders?

Leadership is a complex role that requires a combination of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills. Neuropsychological coaching can help leaders to understand their strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to improve their performance.

By optimizing their brain function, leaders can make better decisions, communicate more effectively, and build stronger relationships with their teams.

12 Sessions:

Session 1: Introduction to Neuropsychological Coaching

Session 2: Understanding Brain Anatomy and Function

Session 3: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mindset

Session 4: Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

Session 5: Attention and Focus

Session 6: Memory and Learning

Session 7: Creativity and Innovation

Session 8: Decision-Making and Problem Solving

Session 9: Communication Skills

Session 10: Time Management and Productivity

Session 11: Stress Management and Resilience

Session 12: Integration and Sustainability of Neuropsychological

Coaching Techniques

By the end of this program, leaders will have a deep understanding of their brain's function and the tools they need to optimize their performance. They will have developed new habits and strategies to improve their decision-making, communication, and productivity skills. With this program, leaders can achieve their goals and build successful, thriving teams.

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